First Post!


Okay - first blog post! I would talk about something along the lines of first blog post - whatever that would entail? 

But! I thought I'd blog about my ceramics class I have tomorrow, because people care about that. 

Anyway - I was not excited about ceramics. Why? I'm not sure - I have dry hands? Or...maybe because last time I worked with ceramics was in 3rd grade. Every third grader would make something that looked like a worm attached to a turd. No one can lie to themselves about that. 

So. You know that's scarring. Now I'm in college - what if this horrible nightmare of gross combinations continue????

Anyway. What IS cool is all my research right now. I'm creeping all ova da place. Pinterest. Etsy. The world wide web has plenty of resources to find really amazing ceramics. 

Our first assignment is about mugs. I'll share my own ideas about what I'll be doing later. But here are some of my favorites I've found so far.