Christmas Cards!

Okay these were sooo fun to work on - so I have to share!

So I needed a fun project to work on during finals week...haha I didn't need it but hey, what is finals week without procrastination?

I made a quick sketch one night - which didn't take too long - as you can see from the shaky random hand lettering. I just used my little watercolor brush pen and some micron pens for this bad boy.

Then my roomie and I (she's another graphic design major) decided we were going to do some quick litho print christmas cards. So - I was pumped, I was like "Yes printmaking! I'd love to do that." Then we grabbed some rubber blocks (i'm sure it's called something different, but bear with me!) And started carving....only thing is look at all these details! I was carving upwards of three hours haha. While it was my first time, those details were hard to get. 

The next day we printed them in the print studio - We both put gold ink on our blocks and started printing away. I did mine on black paper...but I wasn't too happy with the outcome. It's kind of the style of printmaking but my details weren't coming out the way I'd hoped they would. So I made this instead: 

Me and my Photoshop...I can never separate from it. I sent it out to my family friends - and decided to make it just a one sided card so that way I wouldn't have to deal with folding it, since I was in a rush to get them out. Next year I'll probably go for the folded look. But here are this year's christmas cards :)