Terrarium How-To!


This weekend was a time for relaxation. But Sunday I felt so lazy, I HAD to do something. So! My dad asked if I wanted to head over to Lowe's with him...he's constantly messing around in the yard since he's a landscape architect. So he knows his shit when it comes to plants. I told him about the terrarium I wanted to make and he was all for it. Lowe's has some nice succulents that are much cheaper than Home Depot for some odd reason! But terrariums are super easy to make, finding the container is a little bit tougher!

What you'll need:

A container plastic or glass

Succulents of your choice!

Pea gravel or small stones

Top soil


--I found my container at a gardening center...it was hidden behind a bunch of plants, but I'm sure a craft store would have something else you could use, the ones around me are closed on Sunday so I resorted to the gardening spot!--


Alright from left to right. 

First, get your container all cleaned out! I just used some windex on mine since it was glass!

Second, put a small amount of pea gravel at the bottom. Mine made a layer about a half inch thick or so. 

Third, mix up some top soil and sand. I put a lot more sand in my pot than I did top soil, just to keep it nice and dry!


Alright, so here are my three succulents I picked out! The middle one was the large one, and the two on either side were small! My dad said things always look better in three's, so that's why I went with it!

I set them in the container to see where they worked best while they were still in their pots!

Alright. Next step. Carefully take your succulent out of its pot and set it in place. I held it and started dumping sand all around to secure it a bit. 

Start filling the container up with sand, and when you get to the right height put your next succulent in. Just keep layering it up until all the plants feel secure!


When you have all your soil and sand mix layered together and set in place with your plants. It's time for more pea gravel...(I keep laughing...I've never said pea gravel so many times in a row).

I had to wash my ....pea gravel.... off cause it was hella dirty. So! Wash that off however you find fit. I just put it in a bowl with a lid on it and shook it around. 

Then with a spoon I got into the crevices of the container and in between each plant to put a small layer of the gravel on top. 

I used the end of the spoon to do a lot of this as well! It was hard to fit my hand in in the container near the back!


And there ya have it folks. Hopefully I covered it all. It all gets pretty easy to do as ya go along :) Hope you all can make your own terrariums, cause they are awesomeeee!