Editorial Layout Design

Ah. Man. School has started and I have stopped blogging since then. 

But now I'm determined to start posting more of my projects on this blog. Not all of my projects go into my portfolio, but I don't just want to forget about them forever!! 

I'll try to update with more stuff I've worked on throughout the semester. 


Anyway. As of right now - the project I'm working on is a magazine about design, anythingggg design! Having a love for editorial design, I really wanted to create a magazine that pays homage to some of the best magazines of the past and how magazine design is adapting to the digital era. I've called the magazine Continuum, just to show that magazine design will always be around whether it be in print or digital form. 

None of the content is my own, since this is an educational project we were allowed to pull content from various places. 

So far I've got this....ha! Still working on it, but I've got the cover, and the beginning of the inside nearly done, more progress to come!