Electric Forest 2015 Sticker

Final color studies.

Final color studies.

A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine mentioned something about creating a sticker for Electric Forest, a music festival in Michigan. Being from Chicago I always knew what the festival was, and I realized as of late, that I've definitely been into the music that the festival has. 

I looked up the specifications and just went to town designing something. I realized it was a little bit harder than expected considering I've never been to the festival myself, so capturing the essence of it was definitely an obstacle with this design. 

However, I tried to go with a more modern vibe that still was complex and leant itself to the colors and symbols that the festival is most known for. 

Here is a small amount of progress from one design to the next. 


Final stages of design process.


Color studies throughout the process.

Anyway! I will be submitting the final one soon after I tweak a few details and make sure my file looks right! Then I'll be tweeting it and hoping that it gets noticed! Woo!