Styling | .01

This morning, the light in my living room was perfect for some photos. I've been so bummed with the light after I get home from work - it's too harsh or dark and streaky, so it's a little bit more difficult to get that perfect shot.

This morning has been the first one off in awhile so I definitely nabbed the opportunity to have a little bit of creative fun. I grabbed a couple of little props and start messing around. I've learned, as silly as it may seem, taking photos and styling photos is just one of my favorite things to do. That's why I love instagram, I love images and absorbing them and making them. 

I only took them with my iPhone5, my camera wasn't charged at the time, but I definitely want to start pushing myself to have these creative moments in the morning because they are important. 

What I love about styling is making sure that things fit together, it's a fun little puzzle for me every time. I have to say, clearly my darker glasses are a helpful piece haha, I can always use them. I enjoy picking up knick knacks around at little shops and such to not only decorate the house with, but have for these types of times. Here are some of the photos, not spectacular, but again it was just a fun little exercise so I thought I'd share :)