So I probably shouldn't call a series of posts "Weekly" and then post monthly, but hey, my ambitious New Years self had a good thought. 

Regardless, I want to make sure that when I have the chance to post that they are thoughtfully curated posts. 

This post was definitely inspired by spring vibes. Tints of pinks, greens, and blues start to creep back into all the dullness that around. 

Handlettering in the top right corner is made by the fantastic Jorgen Grotal, his portfolio here. So beautifully simple and effortless. One day I hope to get on that level. 

As for the moon hanging, this one featured is lovely, unfortunately Free People no longer sells it. But, you can find another favorite of mine here from Etsy.

I love editorials like this and what you find in the middle square. I'm like pretty positive it's just a trend, but at the same time Helvetica Neue is perfect & timeless, and I love the mixture of old and new.

Ooh and as for the artwork in the bottom left -- I die. The colors and texture on wood, so good. You can see Lisa Madigan's work here. While unfortunately I don't have the buckaroos for a piece like this at my current state of life, it inspires DIY projects for sure. 

Hope you enjoy all the lovely art, design work, and inspiration here. 

Until next time (I promise it won't be two months from now.)