anelise salvo design co

Design Updates!

So I thought I'd upload some things I've been working on for Anelise at Anelise Salvo Design Co. 

I made this flyer for the Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara. They are starting to go towards more modern design so that's why I tried to do while still keeping a natural vibe to the poster. 

Yoga Soup

Anelise and I also worked on a site for her brother - Coach Dayne. It was a wordpress site - and I've had a blast getting to explore with Wordpress and understand it more and more with every site we work on. Wordpress is so extremely powerful, and a little confusing at times, but I always love the outcome. 

Definitely go check out to see more. Anelise and I decided to create a scrolling page with some things like the blog and shop separated. We used anchors to keep things scrolling back and forth. I love how the final product turned out!