Odesza Concert

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to head to Columbia, MO with two of my roommates to see Odesza in concert. Let me tell you, it was amazing. We had been planning to go to this concert since last semester so getting to finally go was great. 

Going to a concert, or just listening to some live music, is probably one of my top favorite things to do in life. Music is such a huge part of my life and I listen to it constantly - so whenever I get the chance to a new concert or even just to a small venue to listen to a group, I'm pumped. 

Odesza is an indie electronic duo that my pals and I have been listening to forever. Lately I feel like my music choices tend to lean towards this ambient electronica, and chillstep - just because I love the sampling and the mixing of sounds. It's fun, it's sometimes relaxing, and it is great music to work to. I can get lost in it. 

Anyway I have hardly any visuals from the concert because I was taking videos the ENTIRE time, BUT. Odesza can put a show. The lighting they used was perfect, and the videos that played behind them were so artfully made. It was so great to experience something like that. Just artists doing there thing and people enjoying it. 

Anyway - I had a blast - so I'm posting some of there songs on here. As well as a song one of there openers played that I'm OBSESSED with. If you like Sylvan Esso - you'll like this!