Colorado Time


So, I've picked up and moved to Colorado finally and what a crazy ride it has been. 

The month of May is a complete blur. Lots of packing, traveling, errands, and work. Last Friday my grandparents and I started heading out here from the St. Louis area. 15 hours later, and here I am!

I've never been to mountains like this and I was in complete awe. After passing up Denver we entered the mountain range, and it was the most beautiful drive I've ever seen. I was a snapchatting queen, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

About 2 hours later we arrived in Vail/Avon, where I'm living. The apartment that I'm living in is a 3-bedroom, a little small, but totally manageable. Some friends and my grandparents helped me moved in, and a couple days later I'm writing this post all settled. 

I've started to decorate a tad. Decorating has always been something I lurveeeee to do, but I never seem to have the money to make it exactly how I want. But I've realized that it doesn't have to all be decorated wall to wall right this minute. So I'm just going to save some pieces that work together and start moving room to room. I've got a small gallery wall going in the living room, and some knick knacks sitting around - it'll all come together eventually. 

I started my job at 970 Design this past Monday, and I'm loving it! The people there are great, the clients they work with are awesome, and I love the location. Yesterday me and one of the graphic designers went and did a small photoshoot for an event at a restaurant. It was a great way to dive in and just get into the swing of things. 

Hopefully now that I'm settled I can get going on some hikes and such :)


Cookbook Supplies


This weekend my roommates and I set out on an adventure to Columbia, Missouri to start looking for props for our capstone project. 

We are creating a live well, eat healthy type of cookbook for one of our roommate's sisters (who is the client). After planning out what recipes we will be making, and what types of informational spreads we will be creating, we made a large shopping list for all the items we will need for daily photo shoots. 

There were tonssss of thrift stores in Columbia to choose from - and they were perfect for finding more rustic types of pieces and quirky props. We walked out of each thrift store in hand with something new and cool. After the thrift store adventures we ran to places like Target, Hobby Lobby, and Pier one to find the items we hadn't found throughout the day. Picking out fabric really got me excited about the project - you can see some images of the napkins on the top photo. 

Last night we unpacked everything and it was crazy how much we had bought - and on a budget. We spent around $120 dollars for tons of bowls, mugs, cups, plates, silverware and not too mention all of our fun random finds. There were old cheese graters, measuring cups, and pasta bowls we found along the way as well. 

Overall, a more than fun and successful trip was made to Columbia - and we had a blast taking photos for fun last night.