Texture Time

Ahhh. Finally summer. It's been forever since I blogged, but lately I feel like I've been designing up a storm and have been super creatively stimulated - probably just needed a couple of weeks to let my brain rest!

The other weekend I decided to take some textured photos. Ever since I was little I've felt like my backyard is a maze, full of tons of different things. With my dad being a landscape architect, he was always adding things to the backyard. We have two patios, a firepit, a wall of firewood...yes a huge wall of firewood, two decks attached to each other - with holes inside for trees to stick out (my favorite part), lights strung everywhere, and PLENTY of plants. 

The other day I decided that while I have some time (aka in between Blackhawks game periods) I went outside to take some textured photos. I always like having extra photos on hand. I still use photos that I took my sophomore year of college, so might as well. 

While the sun was out and shining I nabbed a few and it was super fun. Me and my dad explored the yard for some fun photos and this is what I came out with. I'm sure in the future I'll be able to crop some of the wood ones and literally use them as photoshop textures, which will be nice. But here is what I grabbed for the most part - plenty of greens!