wedding invites

Wedding Moodboard

Ah! I am so so excited to get to start another wedding suite as a side job. Wedding suites are so fun for's a form of branding that I'm really starting to love doing. They may get tedious eventually...but for now, I still get excited. 

So anyway! I met this gal where I go to school and she is in the same organization as me. She saw my portfolio and asked if I would do her wedding suite for her, and ...duhhhh. YES. I was so excited she chose me out of so many other people I am sure. 

After our first sit down I got a vibe for her colors, her aesthetic, and then got the technical stuff taken care of. I told her to invite me to a wedding board if she has one, and then to add pins of save the dates, invites, or other inspiring imagery that can help be better understand the goal of this suite and it's overall aesthetic. 

This is what I came up with for her moodboard, WOO. So pumped.

Wedding Invites!

I just wanted to quickly share what my friend's wedding invitations that I designed, ended up looking like. 

I've been so happy to have the opportunity to help in creating both her Save the Dates, as well as her invitations! Sure, they don't have 5 millions pieces to them like most do, but I think she made a smart choice for reducing the amount of paper and savin' some money by doing this. One less expense to worry about, #amiright.

Abbey is always lovely to work with, and I love how these turned out for her :)

(I would upload the actually image but the colors are showin' up all types of wrong! So I guess the image above will have to do!)