Red Barn Re-Brand

So one of our latest assignments has been to re-brand an existing event in the Kirksville community, where I go to school. 

The event our professor chose was the Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival. 

Everyone in the class is updating the designs or completely re-branding, our only catch is that we cannot change the logo. We can change most of the visual imagery, but the logo must be included. 

At first I was designing the same old stuff that everyone else was designing. Red Barn's imagery circles around serif type, maroon and brown colors, etc etc. So while keeping that vibe felt most comfortable at the time, I think I'm going to move more in this direction. 

Here is a sneak peak at the first visual I'm coming out with for the brand. I'm sure this visual vocabulary will make its way through the rest of the brand, but I'm pretty excited to see it coming to life!