Update on Editorial Design

Okay okay. So let's talk about this editorial design. 

I had this table of contents going, and my professor was fine with it, no big issues with how it was lookin'. I realized though, man I'm not into this. And I just switched things around and thought, hm still not into this. And that's why my professor said I'm not pushing it and I'm not really making any real changes, hence why I'm STILL not into my design. 

So I scrapped the old TOC and came up with this one which I feel speaks more to my style entirely. Sometimes, pushing yourself and being your own art director can be insanely hard. When no one else tells you something is bad, it's hard to make that call to scrap it and move on. 

I feel much better about this spread. Hopefully I'm making the right choice. As long as your confident right?