Capstone Preview!

So I couldn't help but get together a sneak preview after a big critique day in class. More and more work is being produced as the semester goes on, and today we brought the majority of what  would be in the show. It's so cool to see how we have all progressed over the past 4 years. 

I've learned a lot from Capstone so far - I've learned what working your ass off every day feels like, I've learned how to manage my time effectively, I've learned how to make quicker design decisions, I've learned how to meet super tight deadlines (haha, a book made in 2.5 months, wutttt). I think there is such a huge jump in what a lot of us have accomplished in a class where we have more free reign as well. Clients and even professors can taint your work - and it's not as authentically you as it could be. 

Capstone has given us the chance to explore our full creative potential - which I think is great. As much work as this is, and how sometimes it can be exhausting, it's so rewarding. I think having something to show and physically share with people is a great pay off for all the work. Creating a visual language that is reflective of your style is sooo fun.

While the semester has been incredibly stressful, busy, and frustrating at many times - I think that I've learned a lot, and will keep learning up until the day of the show, which I'm happy for.