Vail Pop Project

A couple of weeks ago at work I was given one of the more fun and unique projects I've ever worked on. Vail Pop is a series of pop up dinners that go on throughout the Vail valley. Every couple months or so they have a new one. Each dinner includes wine, beer, cocktails, plus a 5 course meal put on by amazing chefs from some of Vail's best restaurants. 

This summer they came to us to put on their next event. They wanted an outdoorsy, hip type of feel to it, so a couple of us at 970 collaborated and we all ended up coming up with "Fullbodied - An Open Air Bohemian Affair." Fullbodied refers to all the game being served throughout the meal and is also a play off of wine lingo. We thought the outdoor bohemian vibe would attract a large amount of people, and getting to dress up in theme is always fun. My favorite part is the dinner location is not announced until the day before. I think it's super fun for everyone involved and gets people hooked instantly.

I've had a blast coming up with the imagery for the web, the logo, menus, and getting to work with some social media and event promotion. I used Instagram and Facebook for social media promotion, as well as some mass texting and emailing to get the word out. Using the backend of our Wordpress site has been super helpful in getting info together for all the attendees and getting it organized as well. Any chance to delve into some things outside of design is always fun for me during a project, it keeps things fresh and it's always nice to learn something new.

Check out some of the work below!