Finally getting the website up means getting to blog about all the things again. Luckily I'm able to start off with a photoshoot Kristen Williams and I worked on together a couple of weeks ago.

Snow was actually everywhere in Vail, so we stayed in and styled tons of photos. We gathered a collection of her knick knacks and my own - and by a collection I mean every single thing we own was laid out on my living room floor. Since styling in our Myriad cookbook days a year ago, we haven't had the chance to do a creative shoot like this - so it was definitely needed! Again all of our knick knacks were involved -air plants, crystals, books, random animal statues I happen to own. With all of those we took some simply styled shots, and then continued to take some photos for a couple of cannabis products Kristen helps promote & contribute to - The PuffCo Pen and the Evoxe Balance Pen. Be sure to keep an out for them through Instagram, some of these images, as well as many others, are contributed to their feed all the time!