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Mood Board | 01.


While arriving in Colorado I've started working at 970 Design as the graphic design intern three days a week which is great. On the side I have also started working at The Bookworm, which is a bookstore in town, and literally one of the only bookstores I've seen that is in the high rockies. I love working at bookstores, and this one is adorable with a cute little cafe attached. What's not to love? I still work for Anelise at Anelise Salvo Design Co. and do my own freelance work on the side as well.

With that said, I really started thinking about the blog I have and really want to push it a bit more. While I think it's great that it's a  mod podge of things, I would really like to start having some consistent content and some curveballs. 

So today I'm going to try my best at starting that!

I've been reading How to Style Your Brand - such a wonderful book. And it's got me thinking about my own personal brand and while I love my own brand, I sit around and wonder whether or not it's effective. 

While I'm still in the initial stages of concepting some new ideas and thinking about where I want things to go, I decided I'd start making some moodboards for my week. Some may pertain to where I want this brand to go, and some for exercise sake. 

This one was created with my own style in mind. My Pinterest is a living example of my aesthetic, so I went there first and pulled some things for this mood board. I love neutrals, plants, the brown and black combo, and some pale pinks sometimes. It's always so hard to nail down your own brand though. One day you think you like one thing and the next you are thinking you need something else. 

So while I love this moodboard, I'm thinking that I will sit on this for awhile and make some new ones next week. 

For now enjoy! Rant about working / life / blog over.