Here is a poster I worked on at Truman State Publications for a sustainability conference on campus. 

This is another poster I created for an event on campus.


This was a flyer that I created for Anelise. Her client was needing a flyer for a showing of Miss Representation - which is awesome. They wanted something minimal, with emotional colors that would still pop - so here is what I came up with!





Poster Stuff!

Today I thought I'd post a couple of posters I've started working on now that I'm back at work. 

This semester so far is off to a much better start than my previous semester. I feel like I can just tell I'm pumped about design and my work, and just having that excitement enhances everything so so much. Starting off the semester with a let's do this attitude has already helped so much. So hopefully I'll be posting more and more on here - there is going to be a lot of design work made this semester.

I just want this to be a place where I can see my work and look back and see how things have evolved and such. So enjoy!