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Lately I haven't been able to post as much work as usual. Life has been crazy with working three jobs and freelancing. BUT! All the work has meant producing new work. 

I've loved the projects I've gotten to help with over at Anelise Salvo Design Co. 



We started a couple of months ago working on Justine Malick's site and oh man is it beautiful. I loved the custom touches that we were able to give her site. We wanted to make it look like her home and really reflect her personal style. The hanging plants, the rugs, and the hummingbirds all add to that for sure. This site was built using both Wordpress, and customizing a bit of the pages on our own and sending them to a developer to help us out. Lately I've definitely been dipping into web design a lot more, and understanding what goes into a fully customized site, versus a semi customized site that's built with a template, etc. 

Be sure to check out Justine's site here:

The second project I've been helping with is creating a responsive site for one of Aenlise's clients, Healthy Zen. Learning how to go back and create a site that is unresponsive, and making it responsive has been an interesting ride. It's definitely more complicated, but it's been cool to explore creating a mobile site. Here are some snapshots from that process as well. 

Hopefully I'll be sharing more design projects soon here! There are plenty coming together as of right now, so I'm excited to get those up and running. 




Here is a poster I worked on at Truman State Publications for a sustainability conference on campus. 

This is another poster I created for an event on campus.


This was a flyer that I created for Anelise. Her client was needing a flyer for a showing of Miss Representation - which is awesome. They wanted something minimal, with emotional colors that would still pop - so here is what I came up with!





A Sneak Peak!

So we finally have our cover design and title. We brainstormed for awhile together, and we finally decided on the title Myriad, an informative recipe book introducing alternative every day options. Myriad seemed to sum up the book's purpose; offering a number of options and ideas for a healthy diet. Shooting the cover was a blast, and we are so excited to finally show you all. 

If you're still on the fence about preordering, check out the table of contents page to see a full listing of what will be in the book! 


Serifs & Sans


I feel like I should've known about this:


I love the website. I love the designs posted on it. 

One of my newest top places to look for inspiration!

I was digging around to get some web design inspiration and came across this:

Definitely worth looking at :) ...but back to work I go!

Seriously, love both of these projects and WAY too many more to even post. What a lovely website. Ah.